Disney World is a place which cannot be ignored while planning for a vacation. Especially this will be a top priority for the people who are planning for a vacation with their children. During this visit, the visitors can make the most magical moments which they cannot experience anywhere. The Walt Disney World tends to provide more facilities and arrangements for the visitors in order to throw them into great excitement throughout this journey. Many people have an assumption that they need to spend some extra amount for enjoying these facilities. But this is not t he fact, there are many things which can be enjoyed for free. This article is about such free of cost things which can be enjoyed in Walt Disney.

Outdoor movie

The Walt Disney World tends to have more resorts in their campus. It is to be noted that every evening movies will be played in the blow up screens. The visitors can enjoy these movies for free for cost. Obviously more number of visitors will be engaged in this movie session. In many cases, this arrangement will be done along the pool side or in any other interesting location. Hence the guests will not deny having such wonderful experience in this trip.

Things to be enjoy for free of cost in Disney

Camp fire

The other interesting thing which can be enjoyed for free of cost in Disney World is the camp fire. This camp fire is quite different from campfire in other places. This is because the Disney characters will be accompanying the guests during this campfire. The timing for this campfire will get varied based on the season. During this occasion, certain Disney characters will be serving the marshmallow roast for the visitors. This campfire will be conducted near Meadow Trading Post and they will be mentioned as Chip and Dale campfire.

Christmas tree decoration

This kind of events is quite popular during the Christmas season. The guests will be allowed to decorate the Christmas tree according to their interest. The most interesting thing is only the kids are allowed to decorate the Christmas tree. And the name of the little one who decorated the tree will also be displayed daily. This event will be conducted regularly in the Christmas shop which is located in the Disney World. Apart from these, interactive games and are several other things which can be enjoyed for free. To enjoy these things, one can start with their Disney World packing list.