Have you ever thought that you can have the chance of watching the world’s most beautiful places in on route? If not then this article is providing you the chance of having the best experience of travelling and also to watch the world best places in very cheap. It is the Kola lumpier and legoland that is having everything that one likes to see in their life. For those people that are found of travelling the beautiful places then this are the places that will let you have the time to experience for your life’s best experience in travelling and watching many good cities and natural places.

Here if you travel by bus from KL to legoland then it is sure that you will never forget this journey. The places in this places are very much having many good cities to watch and it is only possible if you travel by bus because here you have the buses that are not ordinary buses because in these buses you are getting all the comfort like to have sit, sleep, drink, eat, wash room, TV, camera, Wi-Fi, laptop facility and also very much friendly staff that will let to have all types of fun that you like to have.

There are different types of packages that you have to ma the selection. The best thing is that you have the comfort of booking the tickets from any place. All the transports that are very much unique and different are providing the facility for watching the best place that you have never seen before. It is the amount that you have to pay very less and more to see the unique places that are available in this route.

People love to see the natural volcano, zoo, beaches, towers, popular historical temples and many other things that you will have good experience. Here you will have the time to see the twin towers that are having the same designs and also the height that is same. It is having the height of 500 meters from the ground level and during the night time you will love to watch these two towers. This twin towers comes in this route and the place is the PETRONAS that these two towers are situated.

It is also known as crown jewel that is having the 90 story and you can visit this place on the top and you will find that you are touching the sky. Here you will find the Sky Bridge connects an associating structure between the towers and the world’s highest 2-storey bridge at level 41 and from the top you are able to see whole of Malaysia. From these towers you have lovely view of the cities. You are having the internet where you have the time to book the tickets and also have discount offers in many of the sites that are providing.