Women Briefcases are designed in different types, some are meant particular for men or women, but still, they remain unisex. Other companies usually provide more womanly with liners upgrade pretty colors or naturally masculine. Best women’s briefcases also are designed with at least with two choices for carrying. Other brands also come with the third option. Here are features of Samsonite lady’s briefcase;

Black Samsonite Woman’s suitcase

Samsonite lady’s suitcase brand is only available in black color. Samsonite briefcase is known as one of the famous luggage available in different sizes and types. It is also designed with features that will make your business stuff perfectly organized.

Slot, Pockets and much more

Samsonite briefcase comprises middle compartment, sized and padded suitable for your laptop. It also has a secondary compartment designed for accessories. Additionally, it is also made with small pockets. Slip pockets and even pen holders. The rest of the interior pockets are sized for holding standard papers and files. It also includes an outward pocket at the front with twist hardware lock and the etched logo plate

best women's briefcase

More Features of Samsonite

  • An interior lining of Samsonite briefcase is made from silky material of mulberry. Also, it has an exterior imitation made vinyl leather with rayon-based-net-backing. It is also waterproof and simple to care for.
  • Samsonite case has wheel inline skate made with ball bearing and polyurethane. The telescoping and retractable handle also wheels it.
  • It is also carried by a double top handle that can be joined with another through a small loop. However, it doesn’t have a shoulder strap.

Advantages of Samsonite briefcase

  • Can hold an average-sized laptop in the padded compartment
  • Designed with many slots and pockets for proper organization
  • An upgrade telescoping and wheel handle allow the user to wheel the briefcase anywhere.
  • Samsonite suitcase is from a widespread and trusted company.


  • Telescoping handle comes with many problems that, to some, it might be challenging to the wheel.
  • The lining consistency is a miss or hit.
  • The information about the warranty is easy to find on some product.


Samsonite is recognized as one of the best women’s briefcase due to its incredible features. For instance, if you are looking for a suitcase with many room additional slots or pockets, this brand is your ultimate choice. Although it is more substantial, even when it is empty, weight is still the factor. Samsonite also has an upgraded ball bearing with wheels to roll easily on top of many kinds of surfaces.