If you are a frequent traveller to the different parts of the world, it is of supreme importance for you to be in the possession of all the relevant travelling documents. This is important not only with the legal point of view but also because it helps the officials of the other country recognize you and give them proof of your identity. So, do you wish to apply for important travel documents or get existing ones renewed? Fill i 131 form easily online.

What are the major guidelines to follow while applying for your documents?

There are certain rules and regulations which you must adhere to while filling the given travel application form. Some of them can be understood as mentioned below:

  • Signature requirements: It is of utmost importance to make sure that your signature is well and clearly mentioned in your application form. And if in any case your signature is found to be unclear, not authentic or typewritten instead of signed manually, then your application form request will be rejected immediately.
  • Proper documentation: Only the signature of the candidate is not sufficient to prove the authenticity and to give evidence of identity. It is also essential to attach the proper, relevant and authentic documents of the candidate along with the application form. If any of the attached documents are found misleading or wrongly forged, again, your application request will not be advanced further.
  • The omission of information: If there is any information that has been asked in the application form but you forget or omit to fill that information, your application form will be rejected. It is advised to fill the form with precision and after a thorough reading. The applicant must make sure that he sticks to the point of the question and does not forget to skip any relevant detail.


What is the fee structure of the mentioned travel application form?

The fee processes are not very complicated. You will have to pay two different kinds of fees. One will be for the actual processing of the relevant travel documents and the other one will be charged for the biometric procedures which will help in the identification of the candidate.

If you face any confusion in regard to the payment of the fees, legal necessities, required information, monetary transactions or any other relevant topic, then you can simply go and clear it online. The website provides all the relevant details which you can go through before preparing your documents that are to be attached and apply for the travel application form.

So, go and fill i 131 form and make sure that you are fully prepared before you get out for a journey abroad!