Are you familiar with a capacitor?

For most of us that are not into technical things, we may not be familiar with this term or object. But we are not aware that we have encountered this already in our life. It is because capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy. Now that we are living in the modern world, the things that we use around us are using electric power, like home appliances. The capacitors are present in our home appliances like our televisions, radios and even on our remote controller. So, it is amazing that we are already encountering it in our daily lives. It is originally called as condensator or condenser. Now, we can find capacitor that varies in sizes, shapes, and capacity on the amount of electrical energy stored.

There are many vital uses of capacitors. That is why many people are interested in how to use and apply it. One of the things that we should know when we use it is how to test a capacitor. It is important to test it first before using it. But only professionals should test it or someone who knows it will supervise us. It is not that easy to test it, and different methods have been using by the electrical engineers, and these are:

how to test a capacitor

  • The engineers commonly use the traditional method to test the capacitor of both fans and air coolers.
  • The method that used DMM as a tool to test two or more electrical values.
  • The method that uses the analog multimeter.
  • Connect the leads of a multimeter to the capacitor terminal.

Any of these methods can be used to test a capacitor, but we have to use the best and appropriate way versus the size of our capacitor. Once we have learned how to test the capacitor level properly, we can make sure that our capacitor is working. We just have to be sure that we are knowledgeable about how it works and how it’s done. If we are unsure, we should ask for assistance from those with experience or expertise. Because it is not as easy as we know, so we do not have to be hesitant to ask for help from other people, especially if we see that they can help us. Remember that you will never go wrong from the professional people who are experts in this field. We should consider our safety too.