Evidently, flying with children for holidays or even for any other reasons is always a challenging task. It is because children always need something or the other in order to spend their time. They may start troubling you due to the boredom created due to inactivity during flight. Thanks to the technological advancements that we have such gadgets and devices over which you may download some apps and keep your children occupied during the flight. Here are the 5 amazing apps to help you out in this respect.

Pacca Alpaca – Travel playtime

Besides keeping your children occupied and entertained during flights, this app also helps in improving their knowledge about various interesting places across the globe. The lovely Alpaca in this app takes your children to Mount Fuji in Japan, the Sydney Opera House in Australia and many more. Children remain busy in various activities such as building Buckingham Palace with the help of blocks or making the Acropolis by connecting the dots.

Disney Story Central

Again it is an awesome app that helps you to fly easily abroad while holidays with children. It allows children to read new stories about various Disney characters. There are so many books to read that children remain totally occupied and forget about time.

The Robot Factory by Tinybop

It is a perfect app for such children that have great creativity and imaginative powers. With access to around 100 parts, they can very creatively design their own robots using their imagination. Further, this app also lets children test if the robot designed by them is perfect in terms of its functions, movements etc. Again it is a great app that helps in keeping your children totally occupied without any distractions or feeling bored in anyways. Watching the robot designed by them fly, run or move may keep them captivated to design more and more robots.

Toca Builders

Again this app is meant to showcase the best creative skills of your children in amazing manners. It is in fact a perfect app for your little ones during long flights. There are six Toca builders in this app that jump, rotate, walk, roll and carry out numbers of other movements. By using these Toca builders, kids may create a distinct world without the need to follow any set goals.

Where’s My Water?

Basically, a casual puzzle game, it lets your children remain engaged in clearing the obstructions in a sewer system so as to let the Alligator named Swampy have clean water for a shower. Based on cartoon style, it is full of fun and needs your kids to be attentive.

By downloading these apps on your smartphone, iPhone or other compatible devices, you may remain stress-free while travelling with children via flights.